Clothes Collection

We believe that in order to run a successful reuse program and to achieve the goal of keeping clothing out of landfills we need to let people know why donating is better than throwing away and then give communities convenient ways to recycle. 

Recycle for Change utilizes clothing collection as our main source of fundraising.

As we say, not everyone can write a check in these tough times, but most of us can go through our closet! We sell our clothes on the open used clothes market, mostly to domestic customers and some to international clients that separate them out. We constantly strive to have a zero waste facility!

We are concerned with keeping our communities waste free and our dedicated staff of drivers
work 24/7 to keep our boxes free of overflow while our graffiti abatement team works hard to assure the boxes are always looking their best. However, we still need your help! If you see one of our boxes is in need of attention please call us and we will have the issue resolved within 24 hours. 

All items are brought to our facility in Richmond. Here our warehouse staff separates the clothing items from the food,
toys and books. These non-clothing items are boxed and distributed to small local non-profit organizations that can use them. The books are mostly donated back to schools in the Bay Area, some are used as holiday gifts for our non-profit partners. We also help with community cleanup events, school coat drives, art box projects, and many other programs that benefit our local community.

We thank everyone for your support and we look forward to finding new and innovative ways to keep textiles out of our landfills.

What can you donate:
All Clothinng, Shoes, Kitchenware, Toys, Books, Bedding, Towels and other small Household Items. For a complete list of accepted items Click HERE