Our clothing collection boxes help save resources and lessen environmental impacts by reducing waste. The benefit of our boxes goes beyond the protection of the environment through the promotion of textile recycling, the proceeds generated by the sale of used clothing generates money for the training of volunteers who take part in sustainable development work in the poorest parts of the world.

Our Program


Americans send 2.4 million lbs of textiles to landfill every hour! 
The production of cotton, and the manufacture of new 
clothing releases alarming quantities of CO2. At the other end of the spectrum, clothes that decay in a landfill release methane and other greenhouse gasses that enter the atmosphere. Recycling used clothes is good for the planet and for people. 
We provide an opportunity for people to drop off their surplus clothing to be re-used, through collection boxes placed at publicly accessible locations throughout California.

We provide grant funding for the training of volunteers
who engage in sustainable development work in Southern Africa, Central and South America, as well as their local communities.
The volunteers not only learn about the human costs of
poverty around the world, but they also have the opportunity to do something about it. Together we are educating communities on how to reduce their risk of infection from preventable diseases. We are educating teachers who are an active part of their communities. We are helping organize and train small-scale farmers to increase food production and improve livelihood. And we are creating a safe and supportive environment where children can develop and grow.