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Host a Donation Box
As many people are changing their lifestyle towards greater sustainability and a number of local governments are taking solid waste reduction seriously, there are a number of new services that need to be established to give people the means to do the right thing. It is one thing to say "textiles do not belong to the landfill", but quite another to provide the neighborhoods with an efficient and convenient way of collecting these textiles. Clothing donation boxes are designed to do just that. Based on EPA estimates, all the existing thrift stores, churches and door-to-door collections in the USA combined are only diverting about 15% of the textiles that are going to landfills. We can do better!​​​​

Businesses large and small are in a very good position to benefit from the public's need for these new reuse and recycling services. To host a donation box makes you a partner in the community and you become a part of the sustainability movement too. Many people are making choices about where to shop for goods or services based on the company's "green" image, companies that are perceived to perform poorly in this area often find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Hosting a box Q & A

Please call  (510) 932-3839 or email

Donate Your Clothes & Shoes
Recycle for Change operates clothing collection programs all over California. There are several hundred drop off boxes conveniently located for you to use. No matter which city you live in, chances are that there is one nearby. 

For a tax receipt for your donations, please email us your name, items donated, date and location to which you dropped off your items. Please also read our tax-receipt guidelines  here.
Volunteer with Us
We offer local and international volunteer opportunities.

We are in constant need of volunteers, we could have just the opportunity you are looking for – from packaging and distributing food to a community in need to distributing children’s books to local schools and organizing clothes drives to raise funds to one of the programs supported by Recycle for Change or a project designed by you! 

Our partners offer programs designed to create positive change in those who participate as well as in the world at large. The programs offer opportunities for people from different walks of life. You may want to start a career in the humanitarian sector, to volunteer your time and effort to create a better world, or to travel and learn more about the human condition. Programs vary in length - 6, 9 or 18 months. For more information visit: One World Centers Web site or Richmond Vale's Academy site

By changing others lives, we also change our own. Contact us by sending an email with your contact information.